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Nine Lives - A tattoo

Ever wondered why they say "A cat has nine lives"?

They obviously have only as many lives as all of the other beings on our planet. However the myth is most likely related to their "righting reflex" thanks to which falling cats can twist mid-air only to land on their feet, ergo preventing them from death every time they fall from a jump. This leads people to say that cats have multiple lives.

There is also an English proverb that states, "A cat has nine lives. For 3 he plays, for 3 he strays and for the last 3 he stays".

A custom concept tattoo for a male forearm. The tattoo includes the helix nebula, moon, a cat, ocean waves, Tibetan mandala with a shri yantra, Dolphin sounds, scorpio sign and floral elements.

This tattoo I did recently is mainly based on positivity that the universe holds within itslef. Right from nine lives to reincarnation, to celestial bodies which seem to be omnipresent to infinity.

Let me explain from top to bottom:

Helix Nebula: is one of the brightest near-earth nebula in the night sky, located in the constellation Aquarius. The Helix Nebula was nicknamed the Eye of God or God's Eye Nebula because it appears like a giant eye in space.

A forearm concept tattoo with a Helix nebula and a moon in the center which looks like the Eye of god

Moon: Our most favourite celestial body has to be the Moon (after the Sun god himself of course). The Moon has a powerful influence on us as spiritual bodies since it is the closest astronomical body to us. The Full Moon offers the most profound energies that we can absorb, while the New Moon is the next most powerful energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection

Waves: He loves the sound of waves and let's face it, who doesn't!

Cat: Nine lives

Tibetan mandala with a Shri yantra tattoo

Tibetan Mandala with a Shri Yantra: A yantra, in the Indian tradition, is a literally a "device" for spiritual advancement. Each design element of the Sri Yantra has special philosophical significance.

  1. The Bindu, central point in mandala from which all other shapes emerges. Bindu is also a starting point of the universe.

  2. Male and female energies are represented by triangles. The upward-facing triangles represent male energy called Shiva, and the downward-facing triangles represent female energy called Shakti.

  3. The triangles are then surrounded by concentric circles that represent the infinite universe.

  4. Lotus flowers surround the circle, that symbolizes glowing and charming energy like a lotus flower.

Here’s what a great meditation master, Ivan Rados has to say about Yantra.

“Yantra meditation helps us clear the content of our consciousness so it can become a pure mirror, reflecting without interpreting. All That Is exists infinitely in this emptiness, this no-thing-ness. When the mirror of our consciousness is left without any content, this is enlightenment”

The Sri Yantra is a tantric device used in the worship of the primordial energy which is the cause for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the cosmos.

This ancient diagram has very strong cosmic powers and has the ability to focus your energies and desires to make your wishes come true.

Dolphin sounds along with a scorpio sign and floral elemtents tattoo

Dolphin Spectrogram: I have used this plotting since Rahul loves the sounds of the deep seas. White beaked dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) sounds, wavelet graph. This image was produced by converting the frequencies of sounds made by a white beaked dolphin into a graph using a mathematical process known as wavelets. Wavelets reveal structure and detail that are not always visible in standard graphs of frequency over time (known as a spectrogram). This image has been plotted as a polar coordinate (circular) graph but wavelet graphs can also be in rectangular form. Dolphins produce a wide variety of high frequency vocalisations, such as clicks, whistles and cries. These sounds are used for echolocation and communication with other dolphins. They can be recorded using underwater hydrophones.

Scorpio sign: The Scorpio sign is representative of Rahul himself - "From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I an them and that is Eternity (Reincarnation)"

Let me know what you guys this of this custom concept tattoo :)

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