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The Life Cycle of Karma - A Concept based tattoo

There was once a very poor lumberjack who didn't have enough money to buy his daughter any of the pretty things she so desired for her birthday. He carved out a piece of wood with his knife for her to play with. She, quite unhappy with the gift, flung it out into the open air over the rice field in front of their house, only to have it fly back to her. Overcome with joy at this magical toy, she ran back to her father to thank him and asked him what the name of her toy was. He replied, "Karma".

This tattoo is centered around the concept of Karma which also is the first of the 5 spiritual concepts of life. I wanted to make a design to depict the entire life cycle of karma aka what governs our karmic kitty.

Every small action can serve as a catalyst that acts as a starting condition to your karmic outcome.

It is governed by

a) your mental stimulation - B. W. Betts psychology model

b) your thoughts - heart

c) your mind - brain

d) your overall vibration - sacred geometry, Metatron's cube

e) your actions - lotus, spinning wheel, butterfly effect

Karma is justice.

Brain and Heart are the two organs that govern your thoughts. Depending on the kind of person your are, either your brains or heart, will take precedence over the other and rule your thoughts

Your mental stimulation. A man is only as good as his conscience. Bett's geometrical psychology model (I am) goes on to explain that each carries its own world with it. and if there is any ground of relation between my world and your world or any other worlds, that ground exists in you and me and not in the world

Charkha or the spinning wheel - your actions are displayed by the fact of you providing warmth and extending kindness to human kind.

Lotus, symbolically represents karma in many Asian traditions. A blooming lotus flower is one of the few flowers that simultaneously carries seeds inside itself while it blooms. Seed is symbolically seen as cause.

Butterfly Effect: In Chaos theory, butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on the initial conditions in which a small change in one state of deterministic non linear system can result in large differences in the later state.

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