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Valentine’s Day - tattoo gift ideas

We all take none but ourselves to our graves, so let me start of by saying, show some self love this year. For all you happy single people out there, gift yourself with a beautiful piece of body art, because you should always be your own priority. You can choose to, of course gift my following flash tattoos to your valentine or loved ones as well.

I have made 6 such designs, all with their own unique meaning plus however you choose to interpret it. On a side note, I am one of those who gets the tattoo just because she likes how the design looks!

Please find below brief meanings of the tattoo designs:

A) Nurturing hand, Growth, Self actualization, lunar phases

B) Butterfly signifying the not so serious nature of life, Lotus mandala with ornamentation

C) A floral mandala

D) Turkish sacred geometry

E) Turkish sacred geometry with ornamentation

F) An interpretation of the tri leaf Shamrock or Clover, symbolizing faith, hope and love.

Limited to these 6 custom pieces only to be done over a span of 3 days before Valentine’s day.

First come first serve, Don’t wait till the last minute.
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